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Before your Wedding

How early should I book my Wedding Photographer ?

How many month in advance you should book your wedding photographer depends on several factors. Even so the weather is nice all year in Hawaii, some months are more popular than others. Usually the summer month are more popular for destination weddings, since most guest with school age children can combine it with a holiday. During Holidays or other popular dates you might want to consider booking 18 month in advance. If photography is very important for you, you should consider to book as early in advance as you can to make sure you reserve the photographer you want. If you have a favorite photographer check your photographers availability before you book your venue. Even for the less popular dates it's a good idea to book at least 8 month in advance.

How do I select my wedding Photographer?

Style and personality are equally important. You must like your photographers photographic style and keep in mind you spend the most important day with your photographer, you need to be able to connect and be friends with your photographer. If you don't feel comfortable around your wedding photographer it will show in your photographs. Look at portfolios and make sure you like what you see. It is not so difficult to make a model look good, but look for average people photographed in a way that the photograph really stands out.Even so every photographer should have good equipment make sure that you select a photographer who has an equally good back up camera. If the photographer is familiar with the venue where you are planning to get married it is a great plus, especially during a sunset ceremony. A photographer who knows the venue well will be able to photograph you with scenic backgrounds during the perfect time of sunset.The last thing you need to consider is your budget.  My advice, if you found the perfect photographer and it's $500 more than you had budgeted, cut back on other things if you can or ask for a payment plan. Your wedding photographs will last forever. If you don't get your wedding photographed properly you'll have nothing but regrets later.

What should your Wedding Photography Budget be?

Before you think about budget find out what the photographers you like cost. Photographs are the only way to capture the moment and the only way to preserve the memories of your wedding day. photography should be an emanational decision. A good wedding photographer will be able to capture all the emotions the laughter and the beauty of your wedding day and you will be able to relieve that moment over and over again.

saw someone online offering to photograph our wedding for $250 and give us the digital files. Does that sound like a good deal?

Like in many services you will find photographers of different levels of experience and with different quality equipment. A professional photographer who has two quality cameras and several different lenses, a reliable car, a high end computer and back up system as well as insurance and goes to workshops to keep up to date with technology will not be able to work for $250. You get what you pay for. If you can't afford a photographer for the entire day, you can go with a smaller package for just three hours. You still will be able to get great quality shots, just not a full documentation of your special day.

What about Copyright?

Copyright is a form of legal protection that photographers have on their images, layouts, designs. This protection grants them the exclusive right to reproduce or display their images, or authorize others to do so. A photographer is granted copyright at the time the product is created.  Copyright does not need to be claimed or registered to belong to the photographer, nor does a notice of copyright need to be present for copyright to be in effect.  Copyright is in effect for 70 years after the life of the photographer passes away. It is illegal to violate any of the rights held by the owner of the copyright. It‘s not necessary to obtain a transfer of the copyright to reproduce the images; a reproduction release will serve this purpose. Transfer and reproduction releases need to be put in writing and signed by the photographer. Copyright policies are handled very differently from photographer to photographer and you should discuss this before you sign the agreement. For more information on copyright, visit

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