Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.
— Rumi



Beach Glass Weddings specializes in creating exquisitely designed wedding experiences for its global clientele on Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches. In 2003 our love for Hawaii, its people and culture inspired us to start a wedding studio dedicated to designing custom, one-off destination wedding packages. We haven’t stopped since then. For the past 16 years we have worked with thousands of clients connect, create, and convey the weddings and elopements of their dreams.


We specialize in creating exquisitely designed wedding experiences for up to 20 of your closest family and friends on Hawaii Island’s most beautiful beaches and secluded locations. We c0-design your intimate, custom wedding based on your dreams. Weather you are dreaming about eloping in a helicopter to a remote valley with breath taking views and magnificent waterfalls or you want to have a romantic deluxe beach picnic at sunset to celebrate your wedding we have the experience and expertise to design your dream wedding in Hawaii.

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A photo says more than one thousand words said Fred A. Bernard in 1921 in England. Almost one hundred years later this is especially true when it comes to your wedding photography.

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Long after the memories are faded you will able to look back at your beautiful wedding photos and will be brought right back in time to Hawaii to the moment were you vowed to spend your life together. You will be able to look at your photographs and re-live your wedding moment by moment and relive the feelings of your special day. Our photographers have the experience to know how to make you look your best and can anticipate the most important moments of your ceremony to ensure you wedding is photographed with a clear visual voice honoring your love for each other. They know the beautiful wedding locations on the Big Island from experience and are able to show you in the best light.

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If a photo says more than one thousand words a video can tell the whole story. Our beautiful wedding movies let you get back in time long after the memories have faded and bring you right back to

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your wedding vows and the amazing scenery captured with breath taking drone footage. Our popular highlight movies show the most best of your wedding in a creative music video style presentation that you can easily share online with your loved ones. A wedding movie is the perfect gift and captures everything you have so meticulously planned.

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