Wedding Bouqet

Wedding Bouquet

We special ordered this sea themed bouquet for a bridal shoot. It is made out of silk flowers, sea shells, sea stars, beach glass and ribbons.



Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

We have been doing Beach Weddings for 15 years now. Today we would like to share a few things we tell our brides when we assist them with their wedding planning.

1. Lace dresses are beautiful, but for the beach they tend to collect everything. Unless you don't mind dragging little sticks around a lace dress is not a good choice for a beach wedding.

2. A light dress that is not to warm is a good choice.

3. Comfortable sandals to slip in are a good choice for the beach. You can always take them off to go barefoot, but it's nice to have them.

4. High heels look good, but at the beach the heels sink in and it becomes really difficult to walk in them.

5. If you a wedding arch with several beams across it creates a zebra shadow pattern on your face, that is not very attractive.

6. When you have a canape to stand under, choose white fabrics. There is really no good way to fix the colored shadows on your face. Or go with a simple one dimensional wedding arch, then you can choose any color. 

7. Midday weddings are not only hot, but all your guests will be squinting. Choose an early morning wedding or a sunset wedding instead.



Wedding Video


Wedding Video

Beach Weddings in Hawaii are unique and a wedding video is a great way to show to your friends and family that couldn't come to your wedding in Hawaii how beautiful your wedding was. I always recommend to select a wedding video package that includes two cameras, it is much nice to have a beautifully edited wedding movie that cuts between close ups and a wide shot. Most of our wedding video packages include a highlight version. The highlight video is actually my favorite video. It is edited like a music video shows the highlights of your wedding and is easy to show on your smart or share online with your friends. It's shot enough to keep everybody watching and interested.

You will find that the wedding day goes by so quickly and really the only way to remember your wedding vows is to have a wedding video. You might not find it important now, but most couples find it important in the years to come.

Sometimes we have key family members that can't make it to the wedding and it's nice to be able to show them your wedding video or have a streaming video of your ceremony so they can take part.

Check out our wedding video packages.


Wedding Dress


Wedding Dress

Have you been dreaming about how you will look in your wedding dress since you were a little girl? If you get married in Hawaii there are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting your wedding gown.

10 things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding attire for Hawaii

1. Hawaii has a tropical climate and on most of the popular beach location the temperature is between F82 and F87 and even more in the sun. Make sure to select a dress you are comfortable in in warm weather. 

2. Strapless Wedding Gowns might be a good choice when selecting a dress for the warmer temperature, but unless you are really happy with your weight, it might not be the best choice. 

3. A dress with a long train looks beautiful, make sure to have extra help when you plan to walk on the beach with your train. The lava is sharp and can easily snatch your train. There are many beaches that have little sticks laying around. They don't look good when they are all sticking to your train. 

4. A shorter dress might be a better choice for the beach, especially if you plan to stand close to the water. 

5. High heels look great and they can be a good way to balance out height differences, but it is difficult to walk with high heels on the beach. Bring an extra pair of flip flops or as we call them in Hawaii, slippers so you can comfortably walk. 

6. If you are eloping and don't want the groom to see you in your dress before, make sure it's a dress you can put on by yourself or make arrangements to get help. 

7. No matter where you get married, spot remover and white chalk are always a good idea to have nearby to take care of stains in an emergency. 

8. Dry cleaning is very limited on some of the Hawaiian Islands. 

9. If you need your dress steamed last minute put it in a steamy hot shower, it works pretty well in an emergency.

10. If you have a dress that needs to be bezeled have a dry run before your wedding. 



Hawaii Beach Wedding

Many couples dream about a beach wedding in Hawaii. If you have more than 20-25 guests your choices for a beach are very limited. Most of the beaches are regulated by the DLNR and our beach permits that we are required to obtain only allow us to bring up to 25 people. 

To keep the Hawaiian beaches pristine many of the locations do not allow us to set up chairs except for some beach chairs for people with special needs. 

Most beaches don't allow a PA system. Which can make it difficult for your guests to hear the ceremony.

We have scouted the best beaches for every wedding so we can help you to have the beach wedding of your dreams with all your guests in the setting you imagined. 

Check out our planning packages and give us a call so we can talk about your beach wedding in Hawaii. 



Wedding in Hawaii

A wedding in Hawaii is often a beach wedding. Most couples that are dreaming about getting married in Hawaii, picture themselves at a secluded beach with their bare feet in the water. We at Beach Glass Weddings specialize in Beach Weddings. We create a custom wedding package for your wedding in Hawaii. We are there for you to ensure that your wedding in Hawaii exceeds your expectation. When planning a wedding in Hawaii, there are several things your want to keep in mind. 

10 point when planning a wedding in Hawaii

  1. the four most popular islands are Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii also known as the Big Island.

  2. cost can vary substantially between the four islands and you will find the Big Island is most likely the most affordable choice.

  3. Hawaii has many climate zone, if you are dreaming about a sunset wedding in Hawaii, the best place to be is on upper half of the west side.

  4. if you want a stress free wedding work with a wedding planner. A local wedding planner will ensure that everything goes smoothly and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

  5. give yourself extra time for the planning and on your wedding day. Everything takes longer on an island.

  6. if you are planning a sunset wedding in Hawaii make sure you know when sunset is.

  7. There are many beautiful secluded beaches, ask your wedding planner for suggestions and check out the beaches.

  8. The Hawaiian names can be confusing and to add to the confusion many beaches have three different names. Make sure your guests get a map with detailed directions.

  9. Bring some comfortable sandals when you plan a beach wedding in Hawaii. You can always put on your high heels for photos.

  10. If your are arriving in Hawaii several days before your wedding, stay away from to much sun. You will look more youthful when your skin is not sun burned.

wedding in Hawaii  

wedding in Hawaii




Love Affair

“Photography is a love affair with life.” Wrote Life Magazine Photographer Burk Uzzle. This is especially true for me when I photograph weddings. I absolutely love creating photographs that capture the real you in the best light possible. I anticipate the right moment and modify the light to get the perfect image. I enjoy too get to know you and your families and I am so honored to be part of your wedding day. I’ll do what ever it takes to make your day as good as possible. Emotions are so important in a photograph and if you and your family are not perfectly happy it will show. I see it as our job to help you and your loved ones to have the perfect wedding day and create amazing photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Our Packages include everything you need, editing, retouching, keep sake USB with all your high res images before you leave the island, online gallery, just select the wedding package that fits your wedding in Hawaii.

wedding in Hawaii

wedding in Hawaii



10 Destination Wedding Tips

Destination Weddings 

1.Select the perfect Wedding Location

Your wedding locations sets the mood for your event and determines the travel time and the budget. The activities you can plan depend on the location you choose. You want a location that is complimentary to your personality and wows your guests. 


Depending on the location you choose you will need to find out what the best time of the year would be. Luckily in Hawaii the weather is amazing all year and you just have to worry about time where it is busier, like during Ironman in October or during the summer month. Be aware of Hurricane Seasons. 

3. Preview

Take a planning trip. Scout the perfect beach, reception location, hotels and meet with vendors. If you can't swim a planning trip hire a wedding planner who lives on the location and can help you with recommendations and to plan your wedding. It will help you to make sure everything is taken care of and your wedding planning will go much smoother. A good wedding planner will make a big difference on your wedding day.

4. Financials

A destination wedding doesn't have to be more expensive than a wedding at home. Of course this depends on were you live. If you choose a tropical destination you most likely will have your wedding outdoors, which saves you the additional cost of a reception hall. 

5. Marriage License

Make sure you understand the legal requirements of the country you are getting married in. Some countries such as France require you to arrive 40 days before you are allowed to marry. England requires you to be there 7 days before your wedding. In Hawaii you can just get your license the day before you wedding. If you are coming to the US from a European country you will also be required to have an apostle. Without an apostle your marriage won't be recognized back home. 

6. Wedding Planner

Get a local wedding planner. This is especially important if you don't speak the language well. If you need to rent a tents, chairs or any other supplies you will find it very difficult to do this without the help of a local wedding planner. Some vendors just won't return your calls. Many vendors prefer to work with a local wedding planner they know, so they are sure they will get paid and they are not dealing with inquires that are only checking prices.

Some beaches don't allow set up of chairs, other beaches don't allow Limo drop offs. If you want to avoid a lot of frustration hire a local wedding planner. 

7. Be upfront

Let your friends and family know about the destination before you ask them to be standing by your site. Travel cost can be out of their budget and it gives them a chance to decline gracefully. 

8. Planning

Research group rates for flights and hotels. Provide informations how to get to and from the hotel. Invite everybody to a welcome or rehearsal dinner. Your welcome bags should have the essentials they need for the location. A list of things to do is also a nice touch. 

9. Dress right

When you select your wedding gown and shoes keep in mind the climate and location. While a long trail might look beautiful it's not very practical if you have to walk over lava to a beach. Consider the terrain when you select your shoes. Shoes to wear for the walk to the ceremony site might be a good idea. You can switch shoes once you get there.

10. Timing

Calculate extra time if you plan a destination wedding. Send out safe the date cards 10-12 month ahead of time so your guests can plan their vacation and book their trip. Leave yourself enough time to meet with vendors and wedding planners so you can make an informed decision.