Wedding Dress

Have you been dreaming about how you will look in your wedding dress since you were a little girl? If you get married in Hawaii there are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting your wedding gown.

10 things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding attire for Hawaii

1. Hawaii has a tropical climate and on most of the popular beach location the temperature is between F82 and F87 and even more in the sun. Make sure to select a dress you are comfortable in in warm weather. 

2. Strapless Wedding Gowns might be a good choice when selecting a dress for the warmer temperature, but unless you are really happy with your weight, it might not be the best choice. 

3. A dress with a long train looks beautiful, make sure to have extra help when you plan to walk on the beach with your train. The lava is sharp and can easily snatch your train. There are many beaches that have little sticks laying around. They don't look good when they are all sticking to your train. 

4. A shorter dress might be a better choice for the beach, especially if you plan to stand close to the water. 

5. High heels look great and they can be a good way to balance out height differences, but it is difficult to walk with high heels on the beach. Bring an extra pair of flip flops or as we call them in Hawaii, slippers so you can comfortably walk. 

6. If you are eloping and don't want the groom to see you in your dress before, make sure it's a dress you can put on by yourself or make arrangements to get help. 

7. No matter where you get married, spot remover and white chalk are always a good idea to have nearby to take care of stains in an emergency. 

8. Dry cleaning is very limited on some of the Hawaiian Islands. 

9. If you need your dress steamed last minute put it in a steamy hot shower, it works pretty well in an emergency.

10. If you have a dress that needs to be bezeled have a dry run before your wedding.