Wedding Video

Beach Weddings in Hawaii are unique and a wedding video is a great way to show to your friends and family that couldn't come to your wedding in Hawaii how beautiful your wedding was. I always recommend to select a wedding video package that includes two cameras, it is much nice to have a beautifully edited wedding movie that cuts between close ups and a wide shot. Most of our wedding video packages include a highlight version. The highlight video is actually my favorite video. It is edited like a music video shows the highlights of your wedding and is easy to show on your smart or share online with your friends. It's shot enough to keep everybody watching and interested.

You will find that the wedding day goes by so quickly and really the only way to remember your wedding vows is to have a wedding video. You might not find it important now, but most couples find it important in the years to come.

Sometimes we have key family members that can't make it to the wedding and it's nice to be able to show them your wedding video or have a streaming video of your ceremony so they can take part.

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