Wedding in Hawaii

A wedding in Hawaii is often a beach wedding. Most couples that are dreaming about getting married in Hawaii, picture themselves at a secluded beach with their bare feet in the water. We at Beach Glass Weddings specialize in Beach Weddings. We create a custom wedding package for your wedding in Hawaii. We are there for you to ensure that your wedding in Hawaii exceeds your expectation. When planning a wedding in Hawaii, there are several things your want to keep in mind. 

10 point when planning a wedding in Hawaii

  1. the four most popular islands are Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii also known as the Big Island.

  2. cost can vary substantially between the four islands and you will find the Big Island is most likely the most affordable choice.

  3. Hawaii has many climate zone, if you are dreaming about a sunset wedding in Hawaii, the best place to be is on upper half of the west side.

  4. if you want a stress free wedding work with a wedding planner. A local wedding planner will ensure that everything goes smoothly and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

  5. give yourself extra time for the planning and on your wedding day. Everything takes longer on an island.

  6. if you are planning a sunset wedding in Hawaii make sure you know when sunset is.

  7. There are many beautiful secluded beaches, ask your wedding planner for suggestions and check out the beaches.

  8. The Hawaiian names can be confusing and to add to the confusion many beaches have three different names. Make sure your guests get a map with detailed directions.

  9. Bring some comfortable sandals when you plan a beach wedding in Hawaii. You can always put on your high heels for photos.

  10. If your are arriving in Hawaii several days before your wedding, stay away from to much sun. You will look more youthful when your skin is not sun burned.

wedding in Hawaii   

wedding in Hawaii