Hawaii Beach Wedding

Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Many couples dream about a beach wedding in Hawaii. If you have more than 20-25 guests your choices for a beach are very limited. Most of the beaches are regulated by the DLNR and our beach permits that we are required to obtain only allow us to bring up to 25 people. 

To keep the Hawaiian beaches pristine many of the locations do not allow us to set up chairs except for some beach chairs for people with special needs. 

Most beaches don't allow a PA system. Which can make it difficult for your guests to hear the ceremony.

We have scouted the best beaches for every wedding so we can help you to have the beach wedding of your dreams with all your guests in the setting you imagined. 

We have been facilitating weddings in Hawaii for almost 20 years and are very familiar with the weather patterns. We will scout the perfect beach for your wedding to ensure all your guests are comfortable and safe. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii require a challenging trip by 4-wheel drive. We choose those beaches for bridal shoots if we have an adventures couple or for a trash the dress session. For a wedding with family we recommend beaches that are easily accessible, yet not crowded by to many tourists.

Sunset weddings are among the most popular beach weddings. The best beaches for a sunset wedding are on the west side of the island north of Kona. There are some nice beaches south of Kona, but it often rains in the evening in that region.

Check out our planning packages and give us a call so we can talk about your beach wedding in Hawaii.