Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings

We have been doing Beach Weddings for 15 years now. Today we would like to share a few things we tell our brides when we assist them with their wedding planning.

1. Lace dresses are beautiful, but for the beach they tend to collect everything. Unless you don't mind dragging little sticks around a lace dress is not a good choice for a beach wedding.

2. A light dress that is not to warm is a good choice.

3. Comfortable sandals to slip in are a good choice for the beach. You can always take them off to go barefoot, but it's nice to have them.

4. High heels look good, but at the beach the heels sink in and it becomes really difficult to walk in them.

5. If you a wedding arch with several beams across it creates a zebra shadow pattern on your face, that is not very attractive.

6. When you have a canape to stand under, choose white fabrics. There is really no good way to fix the colored shadows on your face. Or go with a simple one dimensional wedding arch, then you can choose any color. 

7. Midday weddings are not only hot, but all your guests will be squinting. Choose an early morning wedding or a sunset wedding instead.