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Our 2019 Aspirations

In 2019 we aspire to CONNECT deeply with our Clients to discover their dreams and the unique beauty of their shared stories. We aspire to CREATE images with our Clients which reveal a deep understanding of their love with a pure visual voice.We aspire to CONVEY our Clients images with grace and positive intent to their family & friends.

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Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.
— Rumi



Beach Glass Weddings specializes in exquisitely designed ceremony experiences for its global clientele in Hawaii’s most beautiful locations. In 2003 our love for Hawaii, its people and culture inspired us to start a wedding studio dedicated to creating custom, destination wedding packages. We haven’t stopped since then. For the past 16 years we have collaborated with thousands of clients to create the wedding, commitment or vow renewal ceremonies of their dreams.




Each of our wedding packages combines one or more of the services listed below. The Beach Glass Wedding team has five of the best wedding officiants on the island to ensure that we can offer you a ceremony that fits your style and personality. Our dedicated team includes talented photographers, videographers, musicians, hula dancers, make-up and hair stylists, floral designers and food and beverage specialists. Our packages combine these services to suit your unique style and vision, as well as your budget.





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We specialize in creating exquisitely designed ceremony experiences for up to 20 of your closest family and friends on Hawaii Island’s most beautiful beaches and secluded locations. It all begins with your dreams. Is your fantasy eloping in a helicopter to a remote valley with breathtaking views and magnificent waterfalls? Or do you envision a romantic beach picnic at sunset? Whatever you imagine, we have the experience and expertise to design your dream wedding in Hawaii.



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‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ This is especially true when it comes to your wedding photography. Long after the memories have faded, you will be able to be brought right back in time to Hawaii, and the moment where you vowed to spend your lives together. You will be able to look at your photographs and relive your ceremony moment-by-moment and recall the feelings of your special day. Our photographers know how to make you look your best and can anticipate the most important moments of your ceremony to ensure your wedding is captured with a clear visual voice honoring your love for each other. They are familiar with the most beautiful wedding locations in Hawaii and have the experience to show you in the best light.



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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can tell the whole story. Our cinematic videography allows you to go back in time long after the memories have faded. Whether it’s the citing of your wedding vows, the captivating scenery or those special unexpected moments, it’s all there preserved for generations to come. Our popular highlight movies show the best of your wedding in a creative music video style that you can easily share online with loved ones. A wedding movie is the perfect keepsake as it tells the whole story of this most auspicious day. By combining photos, video and aerial footage, we are able to truly capture every facet of your special day.


To Connect : In 2019 we aspire to CONNECT deeply with our clients to discover their dreams and the unique beauty of their individual and shared stories. We aspire to transpose these visual elements into the images that will last a lifetime. 

To Create : In 2019 we aspire to CREATE images with our clients that reveal the truth of their love using a pure visual voice and design sense. We aspire to pay attention to the smallest details of our client’s love and affection with dignity and respect.

To Convey : In 2019 we aspire to CONVEY timeless images to our clients in a manner that meets their need for connection and celebration. We do this by using the best of technology while keeping the purity of the moment intact.



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