Hawaii Wedding Venues

Hawaii is known for some of its most amazing wedding locations in the world. It features spectacular waterfalls and beautiful, secluded beaches. On the Hawaiian Islands you'll find not just white sandy beaches with turquoise waters and palm trees, but also a picturesque green sand beaches, black sand beaches, remote valleys you can only reach by helicopter, and snow covered mountain tops. From easy to access resort beaches Hawaii to rugged, off-the-beaten-path beaches that are only accessible by four wheel drive. Below are some of our favorite wedding venues in Hawaii.

Kikaua Point Beach Park Wedding

Kikaua Pint beach Paark

Kikaua Point Beach Park, is one of our favorite locations in Hawaii. This beautiful place with white sandy beach and palm trees is only 20 min north of Kailua Kona. It is easy to access and offers ideal weather year around. This scenic beach has it all, beautiful turquoise ocean and many different backgrounds for a great variety of scenic shots. Kikaua Point Beach Park has often beautiful sunsets. My favorite session here is a three our session. It gives us enough time to be creative and photograph you with the blue sky and white beach and later in front of a beautiful sunset. It is one of the very few location that allows us to bring chairs. .

Kaloko Honokohau Marina National Park Wedding


Kaloko Honokohau Marina is a beautiful beach. It is only 5 minutes north of Kailua Kona and a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. It has a lot of green sea turtles and beautiful small palm trees that look nice and tropical. The sunsets at Honokohau Marina are beautiful and color the ocean gold. Kaloko Honokohau is a National Park and special permits are required.

Kukio Wedding


Kukio is only 5 minutes from the Four Seasons and right next to Kikaua Point Beach Park. It's famous for it's abundance of Green Sea Turtles. The overlook is easy to access. The beach itself has a lot of loose sand which makes it challenging to walk. 

There is no shade at this beach. It can be a bit hot for a mid day wedding, but it's a beautiful location for an early morning wedding or a sunset wedding. 

Old Airport Wedding

Old Airport wedding .jpg

Old Airport is only half a mile north of Kailua Kona. This park often gets overlooked when selecting a wedding location. It used to be the Kona Airport and the surroundings still look like a landing strip. The beach itself is very scenic and photographs well. Our favorite spot at this beach is a small palm forrest. It's shaded area creates a beautiful light and island feeling. This white sandy beach is easy to access from the parking lot. 
On weekends this beach can be crowed. 

Black Sand Beach Wedding

black sand beach wedding.jpg

While Black Sand Beach may look beautiful in magazines, a word of warning: in reality it is not quite as pristine as the other beaches of the Island because it is a popular tour bus stop. So unless you want to be an Island attraction of your own and photographed by every busload of tourists that stops by, we would recommend you rethink a Black Sand Beach wedding. Also note: As it is located on the East side of the Island, there is no opportunity for a sunset wedding.

Green Sand Beach

Green Sand Beach Wedding.jpg

This is one of the most scenic beaches you can find on the Big Island. It's about a 3 hour drive from Kailua Kona. The last miles are only accessible by four wheel drive. To get to the beach some climbing is required. This beach is only suitable for the adventures couple. Once you get to the beach it's well worth the effort. It's often windy at this beach. 

Helicopter Wedding


Secret Water Fall is only accessible by a scenic private helicopter tour. Discover the Big Island's beauty by helicopter on the way to your wedding site. Your private helicopter lands in a remote Valley, which is surrounded by 1200ft high cliffs. Your backdrop is the 1200ft Water Fall. Get married in this spectacular setting, while your helicopter is waiting for you. After your ceremony your pilot and tour-guide will take you on a scenic tour back to the airport. 

Kohana Iki Wedding

Kohana Iki.jpg

Kohana Iki is only 10 minutes north of Kailua Kona, just south of the airport. The weather is usually dry. This location is known as a favorite location for surfers. Even so the beach road is not paved, it's easy to access by car and the walking distance is very short. This beautiful location is has the great feel of an undeveloped beach. If you are thinking about having a wedding arch, this beach would be perfect. 

Kona Coast State Park Wedding

Kona Coast State Park.jpeg

Kona Coast State Park is a beautiful location, just north of the airport. The very bumpy  ride for about 20 minutes is rewarded by a beautiful beach. A favorite location is at the north end of the beach. To get there plan a 15 minute walk. This is a beach for the adventures couple that has guests that don't mind walking. If you have elderly guest that need assistants you should consider Kohana Iki instead if you like a more natural beach. The gate at Kona Coast State Park get's closed shortly after sunset. We have to be completely packed up and out at that time. 

Anaeho'omalu Beach Wedding


This beautiful beach called A-bay for short is in close proximity to the Hilton and Fairmont Orchid. The popular Lava Lava beach club is right there. It's an ideal location if you want to have a catered dinner after your ceremony. You can rent one of the Cabins from Lava Lava Beach club and stay right at the beach for your beach wedding. This is one of the more frequented beaches, since it is in walking distance to some of the resorts.